The Voice - The Facts

Published: 5 Oct 2023

The Voice – The Facts

“Our Indigenous brothers and sisters working in construction stand with us on job sites across this country every day to demand a proper voice for workers and a better, fairer, safer industry for all.

And our Union stands with them in their demand for a proper Voice to Parliament to advocate for a better, fairer, safer world for themselves and their families.

The Voice to Parliament does not give Indigenous Australians extra say in the Parliament. It gives them no extra vote or political advantage. All it does is make sure that the Government must meet with and hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people before passing any legislation that could affect their lives.

This is exactly the same demand we make as workers; that those in charge must meet with us, discuss problems in the workplace, and consult with us on production and safety issues that could affect us in our work and our lives.

It’s having enough respect to sit down with people and listen to their ideas and concerns before making decisions that impact them. It’s only right. It’s only fair. And it’s nothing more than we demand for ourselves every day in every workplace.

They stand with us. I’m asking every CFMEU member to stand with them and vote yes to a Voice to Parliament for Indigenous Australians.”


Mick Buchan

State Secretary, CFMEU Construction & General WA


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