About the Union

The CFMEU WA branch covers workers in the construction industry, working on and off building sites right throughout our vast state. And you are a part of a union that is over 140,000 strong Australia-wide.

The CFMEU WA branch offers you experienced Executive Officers, Organisers, Lawyers, Industrial Officers, OH&S specialists and key support staff to ensure that your hard work and sweat is rewarded with good pay, conditions, safety and top notch union benefits.

Members can also access discounts and top training at our state of the art Construction Skills Training Centre

All of the pay rises, benefits and conditions that have been fought for and won can just as easily disappear if we stop being vigilant and standing up for each other. United, we'll never be defeated! For over 100 years political parties and anti-union entities have come and gone but the union has always stood strong and will continue to do so with your support.