Thank you for choosing to join the CFMEUW Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union of Workers and the CFMEU Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union.

We would love to have you join us and stand up for yourself and every worker in WA. We can only stand up and fight back against companies who would exploit us and a government who would ignore us if we stand together and insist on the wages, conditions, safety, respect and dignity every worker deserves.

Membership fees are $425 each 6 months or $125 each 6 months for apprentices. There is also a one off $65 fee for new memberships that is only payable at your initial sign up.

Fees are due each March and September. Or you can pay by direct debit installments of $20 each week till you're paid up.

Fill out the form below or call us on (08) 9228 6900 during business hours to register and set up your payment options.

Stand up with us. Fight Back with us. And be proud to be Union.

Mick Buchan
State Secretary
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