CFMEU WA Launches EBA24 Campaign

Published: 5 Oct 2023

On September 19 2023, the CFMEU WA launched the EBA24 campaign, fighting for a fair pay increase in line with the cost-of-living crisis, and for better conditions across the industry. The log of claims endorsed include an upfront ten-percent wage increase, followed by five-percent increases annually over the next four years, as well as provisions for updates to hourly rates and overtime, RDOs, travel allowances, training and increases to job security, among thirteen claims in total.







“This is a very big day for the CFMEU. With cost-of-living pressures, mortgages and interest rates ripping through the market, we’ll do whatever it takes to have our log of claims met for our members. We won’t give up.

“The industry knows how much the developers are making, and it’s not uncommon for these developers to be making an extra thirty percent in their margins. That impacts the builders, the subcontractors, but most importantly it impacts our members’ livelihoods. Now it’s time for our fair share, a ten percent upfront increase is fair and reasonable given the conditions and the high-risk industries that our members work in.

“It’s time to get the message out that we mean business, we want to see this agreement come through, and we will be knocking these claims off one by one, whatever it takes. Our time has come.”


Mick Buchan, CFMEU WA State Secretary