Fighting Fund


This is a notice to members advising of an important addition to our union's membership fees structure – the introduction of a Fighting Fund. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the welfare and protection of our members, the Fighting Fund serves as a crucial mechanism to bolster our collective strength and resilience in times of need.

The Fighting Fund is a dedicated portion of your membership fees, allocated to the creation of a "war chest" designed to safeguard the interests of our union and its members. This fund will be instrumental in supporting various initiatives, including strike action and other activities aimed at defending our rights, improving working conditions, and advancing our shared goals within the construction industry.

The decision to establish the Fighting Fund stems from a recognition of the increasingly complex and challenging landscape in which our union operates. By pooling our resources and solidarity, we enhance our ability to confront adversities, negotiate effectively with bosses, and secure favourable outcomes for our members.

By contributing to the Fighting Fund, each member plays a vital role in fortifying our union's ability to protect and advance the collective interests of construction workers. Your commitment and solidarity are fundamental to the success of this initiative, and we encourage all members to actively participate and contribute to the growth of the Fighting Fund.

We will provide updates on the utilisation and impact of the Fighting Fund, ensuring transparency and accountability in its management. Together, we can strengthen our union, amplify our voices, and secure a brighter future for all our members of the construction industry.

Thank you for your attention, support, and dedication to our shared cause.