Wages Information

The CFMEU is committed to improving wages and conditions for its members. Whether it’s via EBA agreements, or protecting your pay and conditions we are here to help. But it’s important to understand that the best outcomes come from union members sticking together with their union.  Nothing has ever been handed to workers on a plate, everything had to be fought for and won.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

Enterprise Bargaining remains the single most important way of ensuring that building and construction workers are paid good wages and conditions. The CFMEU have the industrial and legal expertise to negotiate Enterprise Agreements which provide workers with good wages and conditions such as penalty rates for working weekends and overtime, 24/7 income protection insurance, allowances, redundancy pay, leave conditions, inclement weather and protection of health and safety reps and delegates.

Don’t be sucked in by employers seeking to implement ‘base-line agreements’ which provide for wages only marginally above those in the Award and conditions which are often worse. It is important you contact the CFMEU immediately if your employer commences negotiation of a new Enterprise Agreement.

The CFMEU has experienced organisers backed up by industrial lawyers to negotiate Agreements on behalf of you and your workmates. Don’t accept developers, builders or your employer setting your wages and conditions. Get active, get involved and fight for a Union Agreement.

General Award