Member Benefits

Ambulance Cover

Ambulance Cover for your whole family.

Ambulance services are not covered by Medicare and anyone who’s been caught out will tell you it’s a huge cost. It’s currently around $1000.

Your membership gives you automatic Ambulance cover for yourself, your partner and your dependent kids. You pay the first $50 then email the bill to and we'll cover the rest.


Baseline Hearing Test

Get a Baseline Hearing Test at no cost to you.

Construction workers are entitled to a baseline hearing test to establish your current hearing levels to provide a reference point should you ever need to make a claim for hearing loss.

CFMEU provide all eligable members with a baseline hearing test at no cost to you. So if you’ve never done a tests then contact the CFMEU WA Helpline on 9228 6900 to arrange one today.


Bulk Grocery Savings

Wholesale prices and huge discounts through Campbells.

All CFMEU WA Members get fantastic savings at Campbells strictly wholesale stores located at 8 Geddes St Balcatta and Baile Rd Canningvale.

Just show your CFMEU WA union ticket in store or quote the Customer ID 0031213135. Its that easy.

Visit to check out current specials.

Car Purchasing Service

We get a better deal when we all negotiate together.

CFMEU WA Members get free access to Best Price for Cars buying service. If you're looking for a new car then just decide the make and model you want and then call Best Price and they'll go in to bat for you.

They use their experience and our shared buying power to leverage some unbelievable deals. It can save you thousands of dollars.

So if you're looking to buy then just call Best Price on 0412 910 388 or visit for more info.


Car Servicing and Tyres

Get up to 12.5% off tyres and all car servicing at MyCar.

K-mart Tyre an Auto are changing thier name to MyCar. And they're offering all CFMEU WA Members discounts of up to 12.5% at all stores through Union Shopper.

Simply Book a Service Online or call MyCar on 13 13 28 and quote account number A27003178 or mention Union Shopper.


Child Care Cover

Child Care Cover in case your family suffer a loss.

Child care is critical. If you should suffer the loss of your partner then CFMEU WA cover your child care costs for up to 2 years while you and your family get back on your feet.

You’ll receive up to $13,000 each year for children under 5 and $5,200 a year for older children. Just call us on 9228 6900 if you need us.

Counselling and Support

Help when you need it most.

CFMEU WA are proud supporters of MATES, who provide suicide awareness and prevention programs in the construction industry. If you need help and would like to speak to someone who understands the issues we face in our industry then you can call 24/7.

There's no shame in feeling overwhelmed. Reach out to MATES and to your union. We're here to help.

Call the MATES National Helpline on 1300 642 111.

Discount Dental

Discount dental treatment for you and the kids.

CFMEU WA Members recieve discount dental care with LifeCare Dental including gap free initial consultations for the whole family if you have private health insurance.

They will do full check ups and consultations, x-rays if needed, scale and clean, and fluoride treatment, all with zero out of pockets to you. They then give your whole family a 10% discount for all future appointments. And they're open 8am to 8pm 365 days a year. This is an exclusive offer for CFMEU Members and you must present your membership card at your appointment to receive this discount.

Call Perth CBD on 9221 2777 or Kingsway on 9409 3619 or visit to book an appontment.

Discount Health Insurance

Get big discounts with CFMEU WA HBF Corporate Health Plans.

CFMEU WA Members have access to HBF Corporate Health Plans. You get up to 12.5% off Hospital and Extras cover and plans also provide up to a year of complimentary health cover if you find yourself on sick leave without pay. 

Call 1300 132 549 or email and quote your CFMEU WA Membership Number to apply.


Discount Loans

ME Bank offer discount loans to CFMEU WA Members.

CFMEU WA Members get discounts and special offers with ME Bank on Credit Cards, Home Loans and more.

Take control of your own money. Visit ME Bank CFMEU WA Member Benefits to see how you can save.

Electrical Purchasing Service

Use our buying power to get better deals on electrical goods.

CFMEU WA can save you big money on major electrical goods through Union Shopper by using our shared buying power to push for better deals.

Once you know the exact product you want then just call the Union Shopper Electrical Purchasing Service on 1300 368 117 and send them the best price you've seen so far. They'll push all retailers to give you a better deal and get back to you within 24 hours with the best offer on that exact item.

It can save you hunderds of dollars on a single major purchase. 

Everyday Savings

Save hundreds of dollars on everyday spending with Union Shopper.

As a CFMEU WA Member you have access to the highest level of Union Shopper discounts, specials and offers. Save on your weekly groceries, fuel, appliances, cars, and movie tickets.

Get exclusive offers and discounts with SafetyWA, Good Guys, Kmart Tyre and Auto, Freedom Furniture and lots more. Get 5% - 15% off store cards for all major retailers saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on your everyday spending.

Visit Union Shopper to sign up using your CFMEU WA Membership Number and start saving.

Expert Legal Services

Free initial consultations with lawyers who understand our industry.

Eureka Lawyers are dedicated to fighting for workers and their families. They're here to help you if you need them and they offer CFMEU WA Members an initial free appointment.

They also offer paid up Members a range of costs agreements including ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ agreements where that’s appropriate.

They can help with all legal issues including workers comp, personal injury, industrial diseases, family law, criminal law and motor vehicle accidents.

If you need legal help or advice then just call the CFMEU WA Helpline on 9228 6900 or email for a referral.

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover for you, your partner and dependent children.

Your CFMEU WA Membership automatically provides you with funeral cover of up to $10,000 for you and up to $7,500 for your partner and dependent children.

Our union proudly shoulders the financial burden when families are suffering and have more important things to focus on. Just call the office on 9228 6900 for help.

Journey Insurance

Cover if you're injured going to or from work.

All CFMEU WA Members are covered by our Journey Insurance that gives you and your family coverage if you’re in an accident travelling to or from work and need some time off to recover.

If you’re injured going directly to or from your place of work your wages are covered up to $1000 per week for 104 weeks. That’s 2 years of income protection that could save your mortgage and pay the bills. The policy also provides $100,000 death and permanent disability cover to help your family should the worst happen.

Just one more way your union has you and your family covered. Call the CFMEU WA Helpline on 9228 6900 and we'll be happy to help.

Portable Long Service Leave

Even though you work for different employers, you're still entitled to long service leave.

CFMEU WA fought hard so that on-site construction workers get to take long service leave benefits with you from employer to employer. Registered construction workers receive up to 8 2/3 weeks fully-paid long service leave after 10 years service, no matter how many different employers you've workers for.

That's 2 full months of fully paid time off. And the sooner you register, the sooner you start to acrue leave. So check your eligibility and register right now at

Quality Training

Free or massively discounted quality training at CSTC.

CFMEU WA Members get 20% off courses at the Construction Skills Training Centre. Train in all areas of construction like scaffold, rigging, dogging, mobile crane, working at heights, confined spaces, traffic control, demo, tilt up, forklift and everything else you could need.

If you work in construction you're probably eligable for discounts of up to 70% through the Construction Traing Fund. And all CFMEU Members working under a Union EBA could be entitled to courses at CSTC at no cost to you at all. You pay absolutely nothing.

So get skilled up and job ready. Enrole now at or call CSTC on 9358 6501 to check courses and your eligability for massive discounts.

Safety Glasses

10% off all orders through Eye Protect.

Prescription safety glasses can be expensive. Eye Protect offer very competative prices and give all CFMEU WA Members a further 10% off every order.

They do safety glasses, prescription safety glasses, safety goggles and full face shields. Just quote discount code CFMEUWA to get your discount.

To see thier range and prices go to or call 9248 1722.

Tax Deductible Fees

All your union fees are fully tax deductable.

When doing your tax, make sure your tax agent knows that all your CFMEU membership fees are fully tax deductible.

If you need a replacement invoice for tax purposes then just give us a call on 9228 6900 or email and we can send it to you.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance to make sure you're covered no matter where you are.

Your CFMEU membership provides you with travel insurance that could save you thousands of dollars or even your life. If you’re going interstate, overseas or even on a local holiday, your gear, baggage and personal effects are all insured. The policy applies to any trip more than 100km from your home and your partner and dependent children are all covered if they’re travelling with you.

CFMEU WA Travel Insurance covers you for $10 million personal liability, up to $50,000 personal accident cover and unlimited overseas medical expenses cover if you or your loved ones should need it.

Some conditions apply so before taking off call the office on 9228 6900 to request a copy of the travel insurance policy.