Workers only get a fair share when we stand together and demand it. It isn't rocket science. Every boss is looking for ways to pay you less and keep more for themselves. That's just how it works.

The only way to make sure you get a fair share for yourself and your family is to get in the Union, stand together with other workers, and demand your share.





A coalition of Trade Unions and Industry Associations have joined together to develop comprehensive industry-wide guidelines for managing the risks associated with COVID-19 on Western Australian construction sites.

The guidelines will be regularly updated and made widely available within the Building and Construction Industry.

CFMEU State Secretary, Mick Buchan, praised the work that all the organisations involved had put in and the way in which so many Unions and Industry Associations had put aside differences in the interests of protecting and supporting the whole WA construction sector.

"In the end, we're all part of one industry and we need to protect it for everyone's sake" Mr Buchan said.

"We've been working closely with individual builders and reputable industry bodies to make sure our industry stays running. But we've said all along that it can only be that way if it's done right."

"These industry guidelines show what can be done when people work together to protect and promote a fair, safe, profitable and secure industry for everyone involved."

A copy of the new guidelines can be downloaded from the CFMEU website at